by Funknasty

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"Bleach" is the newest single from Funknasty's upcoming studio album.


These bitches wanna see original
Don't wanna roll with someone typical
The vagabonds and aboriginals
Fast cars and cheap residuals
They only keep you if you fuck 'em right
You do it justice keep your pockets tight
Love is poison formaldehyde
And when she wanna dance you come alive


The whiskey's pourin' in my living room
So grab your honeys and just come on through
The suffragettes and sexy bunnies too
Long nights are meant to bend the rules
Jeff Martin's swimming in my fish tank
All the spilt wine and blunt stank
The after parties in my parents room
A bunch of dudes in their underoos


She said "Yo my name is Stacy, you could smash if you're lucky
got this house all to myself my momma went to kentucky"
So I went and saw the place it was a hell of a space
She said I don't know what to do well I can help with that case
Just go call some of your friends and I'm a call some of mine
Get some liquor flowing it's gon' be a hell of a time.
We got whiskey, rum, vodka, gin and some juice
got me slurring all my words it's like I'm missing a tooth
ayo this dude's passed out somebody get him a doctor
Shawdy just said she never seen the helicopter
I'm 'bout to take off and fly fly away
Do we know who brought the cups 'cuz I'm ready to play
and we're spilling shit all over we gonna need a few towels
'til this room feels like it's spinning 'bout to buy me some vowels
I'm 'bout to solve this puzzle got it all figured out
just take your girl up to my room and show her what I'm about.



released 09 October 2014



all rights reserved


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Funknasty New York

We are Funknasty.
We consist of some stanky ass live jive turkey's.
We like to party.
We like to dance.
We like to sweat.
We provide raunchy feel good funk served hot, straight out of Patchogue.

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